Dub Kirtan Allstars


We are so excited to present our album to the world and so much went into making this album. It’s a 10 track journey filled with beauty, depth and lots of bass! The album was produced by David Starfire and FreQ Nasty  and features Chaytanya, SriKala, MC Yogi, Donna De Lory, J Brave, Arjun Baba, Lili Haydn, Rik Sharaj, Ysanne Spevack, DVine 1 and Claire Thompson. We had an wonderful interview talking more about the album with “Yoga chat with the accidental yogist” and you can hear the podcast HERE.


‘Dub Kirtan All Stars’ began as an one off performance curated by David Starfire and FreQ Nasty (Darin McFadyen) in a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles. After being asked by his Buddhist Yoga teacher to create a performance fusing sacred chants and modern club music FreQ went to his good friend David Starfire who was already known for blending South Asian instruments with Bass music. This sparked a musical journey that led them to collaborate with a host of talented, passionate and conscious artists to create an album that weaves the stirring chants of the ancient Yoga tradition with the modern Dub and Bass Music that their name implies. ‘Bhakti Juggernaut’ is underpinned by a broad palette of Bass oriented Electronic music production and captivating vocal chants which are sweetly complemented by live instrumentation and conscious Hip Hop lyrics. The record was created to inspire both fans of Kirtan and Yoga culture as well as those looking for music with a strong heart and a positive message in an age of lowest common denominator mall culture and music stars who seem to want to sleep on their power to transform the world for the better.

The name ‘Bhakti Juggernaut’ refers to the ‘Ratha Yatra’ chariot festival in India where huge chariots carrying carvings of the deity Jaggernath would roll out into the streets reputedly crushing devotees beneath their wheels. In the same way the music is devised to inspire devotion (‘bhakti’ in sanskrit) to the higher principles represented by the chants and mantras, but also has the weight and sonic force of modern Electronic music which crushes on a night club sound system where it’s designed to be heard.

An ambitious concept, Dub Kirtan All Stars’ attempt to tear down the boundaries between 21st Century music and an ancient spiritual path has borne sweet fruit. It’s a unique and powerful record that adds to the net sum of good in the world, a dynamic and potent soundtrack for all spiritual gangsters and their revolution of the heart.


Performing at Festival of Colors in Utah!

Spanish-Fork bannerWe are excited to be performing in front of 40,00 people in Utah at the Festival of Colors March 28 & 29! The band goes on from 1-2:15 and more info can be found at the website HERE and check out the video below from our March 7th show in Los Angeles!


Dub Kirtan “Sound System” sets at Color Festival!

We are excited to perform two dates on the Color Festival tour! This festival is based on the Holi festival in India where crowds throw colored dust on each other! The first show is August 9th in Pittsburgh, PA and will feature FreQ Nasty, Arjun Baba and J Brave! The second show is on Sept 13th in Dallas with David Starfire, Chaytanya and Srikala. We are stoked to share our music in the Northeast and South! Head over to the Color Festival website HERE for more details and hope to see you out there!

Color Festival

Brand new mini-films about DKAS by Syd Woodward:

Dub Kirtan DJ Set at Summer Festivals 2014!

EF2014-PosterSonic Bloom 14 POSTER

Dub Kirtan DJ set hits the road this summer for Enchanted Forest a conscious and intimate gathering in the beautiful redwoods at Camp Navarro. That set will feature David Starfire on the beats and dubs, J Brave bringing MC power and verses, and Chaytanya providing her transcendent kirtan vocals. Sonic Bloom with be our first Colorado appearance along with a packed lineup and surrounded by mountains. David Starfire is on the ones and twos again, with J Brave bringing the vibes and energy!

Dub Kirtan All Stars DJ Mix 1

For all you Sounds System devotees, Freestyle chanters, and Bass Yogi’s we have something special for you – the First Official Dub Kirtan All Stars DJ Mix!

It’s a lush Winter Solstice & Christmas offering encompassing many tempos and genres led by the sacred chants of the Yogic tradition and fuelled by some heavyweight Beats and Bass. We want you to enjoy it while you celebrate in the temple of your choice… As Swami Vivekananda says at the end of the Mix – we believe in the truth of all religions and faiths. Something for us to contemplate as we enter the holiday season.