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Bhakti Juggernaut Album

‘Bhakti Juggernaut’ is underpinned by a broad palette of Bass oriented Electronic music production and captivating Sanskrit vocal chants complemented by live instrumentation and conscious Hip Hop lyrics. The record was created to inspire both fans of Kirtan and Yoga culture as well as those looking for music with a strong heart and a positive message…. which also has the weight and sonic force of modern Electronic music which crushes on a night club sound system, where it’s designed to be heard.


‘Bhakti Juggernaut’ features performances by Chaytanya, SriKala, MC Yogi, Donna De Lory, J Brave, Arjun Baba, Lili Haydn, Rik Sharaj, Ysanne Spevack, DVine 1 and Claire Thompson.


Dub Kirtan All Stars DJ Mix 1

    For all you Sounds System devotees, Freestyle chanters, and Bass Yogi’s we have something special for you – the First Official Dub Kirtan All Stars DJ Mix! We’ll be playing more DJ’s shows this year and this is a great example of what the DJ sets sounds like.

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    It’s a lush Winter Solstice & Christmas offering encompassing many tempos and genres led by the sacred chants of the Yogic tradition and fuelled by some heavyweight Beats and Bass. We want you to enjoy it while you celebrate in the temple of your choice… As Swami Vivekananda says at the end of the Mix – we believe in the truth of all religions and faiths. Something for us to contemplate as we enter the holiday season.


Subsonic Devotion EP

Dub Kirtan All Stars’ Subsonic Devotion EP features 3 tracks produced by David Starfire and FreQ Nasty featuring the powerful and compelling vocals of 2 of the Kirtan scene’s most talented singers – Chaytanya and Arjun Baba.  

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After a 2 year gestation period spent developing a full force live band we are ridiculously pleased to offer you this EP for free download. Enjoy!


Sita Ram (feat. Rik Sharaj) single

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Enjoy the vibes… It’s the epic 8 minute extended mix of ‘Sita Ram’ featuring our dear friend Rik Sharaj who passed on since recording this vocal. I’m sure he’s watching over us still. Big love from all the DKAS crew!

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